Wednesday, 25 April 2018
Coffee News celebrates 25 years

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Glenfield/Birkenhead Edition

Publisher: Gary Holmes

Hi, I'm Gary and I publish three editions of Coffee News on the North Shore

I will take a personal interest in helping you grow your business by the ongoing promotion in Coffee News.

Give me a call if you would like information about advertising in the Glenfield/Birkenhead, Albany/North Harbour or Takapuna/Devonport Editions.

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0274 966 283
0274 966 283

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Edition Distributors

Music Education Centre
Glenfield Community Cetre
Muffin Break
Point Taken Takeaway
Northcote Tavern, Highlander Bar
Sausalito Café (N'Cote Centre)
Classic Bakehouse
Curry Corner Food City
Hollywood Bakery & T/aways
Sushi Bar
Chinatown Takeaways
Northcote Bakery
Northcote Fisheries & T/aways
Busy Horse T/aways
Photolab N'cote centre
Holliday Shoppe N'cote Centre
AUT Sports Cafeteria
McDonald's Akoranga Dr.
Mecca, Fox Outlet
Poenamo Hotel.(Fools & Horses Bar)
Sunnybrae T/aways
Hillcrest Bakery/LunchBar
Birkenhead Wharf Cafe
Mezze, Birkenhead Point

Villa Café
Grace Café
Chip Basket T/away
Ziggy's Café
Precious Nails
Tempo Dance Studio
Palm Cafe
The King's Shilling
Dutch Delight
Avenue Cafe
BT Café
Birkenhead Stationers
Family Medicine B'Head
Highbury Fisheries T?aways
Word of Mouth Café
Korean BBQ Highbury
Kebab Serai
Mokoia Dental
Flying Horse T/away
Sunbad Turkish Cuisine
Phat Bagels (B'Head Mall)
Birkenhead Library
Refinery Café
Pinkerton Noodles
Thai Espresso Café
Verran's Corner T/aways
Verran's Espresso
Birkdale Bakehouse
Golder Ye T/away
Birkdale T/aways
Sun Ma T/aways
Fernz Cafe
Fresh Bakehouse
Beach Haven T/away
Healthwise B'Haven
Medlab Beach Haven
Au Bon Coin Café, B'Haven
Coffee Club
Mojo's Juice
DFC Espresso Bar
Café Etage
Michel's Patisserie
Saint Cinnamon
Aroma Café
Isis café
Kebabs on Queen
Glenfield Tavern Sports Bar
McCafe Glenfield
White Cross Medical Centre
Medlab Glenfield
Loafers Bakery
Sunrise Bakery
Chartwell Takeouts
Upper Crust Bakery
Mac's Coffee Bar
Hev & Arfty's Lunch Bar
Spirited Bar and Café
All Go Kababs
Vallentines Buffet Rest'rant
Chances Bar
Jung Wah Takeaways
Ivan's Takeaways
Shore's Largest Lunch Bar
I S Café
Kings Plant Barn Café, Wairau Rd
Porana Lunch Bar
Café Relish
Schenley's Bakehouse
Archers Lunch Bar
On Road Testing Station
Lollipops Educare and Cafe
Mega Mart Garden Espresso Café
Maggie's Lunch Bar
Le Lunch
McDonald's Wairau
Sunrise Bakery, Chartwell
The French Bakehouse, Courtyard Cafe (Rebel Sports)
Splash Cafe

A.A Service Station
Sir Lunchalots
Star Café Seafood Restaurant
Hoytes Cinemas
Handi Indian Rstr. & Takeaway
Nando's Chicken
Narita Japanese Restaurant
Asian Food Hall
BB's at Freedom