Tauranga & Mt Maunganui

Publisher: Deane McIntyre

Welcome to Coffee News Tauranga and Mt. Maunganui edition information page. If you would like to find out more about our value for money and targeted advertising please call or email me.

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Mobile: 0221 083 007
222A Waihi Road, Judea
Tauranga 3110
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Why Advertise in Coffee News ?
The human mind is much more alert and actively seeking stimulation before and during a meal or enjoying a coffee.  
Upbeat, fun, humorous, clever  & positive Coffee News puts your potential customers in good mood. And know 91% of locals buy off locals.  We also know that BOP adults are eating out 3.5 a week or on average 14 times a month.  Add in regular daily coffees and your adverts will get seen, noticed and generate warm sales leads to help grow your business. It's the most affordable advertising in the Bay,  7 days a week 365 days a year - there is no sales force technique that works harder. 
And further reasons why you should advertise in Coffee News BOP;
1) Exclusive one advertiser by  Business Category ~ you effectively lock out your competition. 
2) Proven ~  over 80% of Advertisers that are in Coffee News for a year keep advertising with us. Coffee News has 17 psychological techniques that work - proven in the field for over 30+ years and 10 million copies every week.
3) Affordable Audience Reach & Targeted ~ it's the lowest cost form of advertising in the Bay. March readership in the Tauranga City region is circa 5,000 business and home owners and 500 boaters. Our reach is shown in the map below and focuses on reaching higher affluent high income and net worth individuals.  Avid readers love the CN format and appreciate advertiser support , so they can enjoy their free copy every week. 
4) Digital - we can help smaller businesses optimise SEO Google rankings to your website, social media platforms and online business profile by running digital display ads with backlinks to your business online assets. As the CoffeeNews.co.nz is a high traffic consumer site with weekly competition entries Google will recognise our links to your business online assets and favourably rank versus your competitors. 
There are now limited exclusive business catergories available.  So don't delay. give me a call TODAY (or email me) to find out if your business catergory is available or be added to the reserve list for Edition 1.  Edition 2 - Country and Lifestage is launching soon. See Western Bay of Plenty page on this website.   Packages are  designed for for every SMB type and very affordable  ranging from GOOD $40 per week + BETTER $45 per week (includes Digital Full Colour Display Ad and SEO) + BEST $50 per week (Better Digital Package + Managed Lead Campaigns with Monthly Sales Team Meetings + Charity Quizz Night Table of 5)