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Owner & Publisher: Deane McIntyre

Welcome to Coffee News Western Bay of Plenty edition information page. If you would like to find out more about our value for money and targeted advertising call or email me.

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222A Waihi Road, Judea
Tauranga 3110
Coffee News Western Bay of Plenty is launching in June 2019. Its 100% FREE TO RESERVE YOUR CATERGORY. 
Why Advertise in Coffee News ?
The human mind is much more alert and actively seeking stimulation before and during a meal or enjoying a coffee.  
Upbeat, fun, humorous, clever  & positive Coffee News puts your potential customers in good mood. And know 91% of locals buy off locals.  We also know that BOP adults are eating out 3.5 a week or on average 14 times a month.  Add in regular daily coffees and your adverts will get seen, noticed and generate warm sales leads to help grow your business. It's the most affordable advertising in the Bay,  7 days a week 365 days a year - there is no sales force technique that works harder. 
And further reasons why you should advertise in Coffee News BOP;
1) Exclusive one advertiser by  Business Category ~ you effectively lock out your competition. 
2) Proven ~  over 80% of Advertisers that are in Coffee News for a year keep advertising with us. Coffee News has 17 psychological techniques that work - proven in the field for over 30+ years and 10 million copies every week.
3) Affordable ~  it's the lowest cost form of advertising in the Bay with a reach targeting  30% of Country and BOP wealthiest Baby Boomer generation. You can influence the potential distribution points and we are happy to work 'hand and glove' with advertisers to include many  'wait time / downtime' locations such as local GPs.  Avid readers love the CN format and appreciate advertiser support , so they can enjoy their free copy every week. 
4) Digital ~ we can help  optimise SEO Google rankings to your website and business profile by also running digital display ads with backlinks to your businesses onine assets. 
I am now taking bookings to reserve exclusive buisness catergory advertising space in the Western Bay of Plenty Edition.
Target market is Baby Boomer Generation which have the highest net worth of all demographics as well as Rural landowners + country support towns Home Owners.  Target distribution is Cafe's, Restaurants and GPs. See target distribution profile but do note this is being increased weekly based on requests from advertisers and areas / buyers groups they wish to target.
Broad Business Groups and their individually Reservable Catergories include;
Medical = + Physio + Chiropractor + Optometrist + Funeral + Mobility  + Hearing + Dental + Vets
Professional = + Insurance + Accountant + Lawyer + Sell To Cafe / Hospitality Business Owners + Rural Real Estate + Property Management 
LifeGym + Personal Trainer + Weight Loss+ + Plants / Gardening + Travel Agent + Hairdresser + Massage + Florist  
Motor = + Mechanics + Rural Machinery  + Commercial Real Estate + Tyres + Windscreen 
Farm / Orchard / Home + Plumber + Electrician + Rennovations + Plasterer + Painter + Housewashing + Roofing + Tree Services + Fencing + Livestock + Labour Hire + Turf + Pet Insurance + Animal Insurance 
Remember you can RESERVE NOW and DO NOT PAY anything until June 2019 (launch date May 2019). 'First in best dressed' - lock out your competition however beware that you competition equally move quickly to lock you out for years. Act now.  Don't delay, give me a call  TODAY (or email me).