New Lynn Edition

Publisher: Greg Hall

Hi - I'm Greg - I publish the New Lynn, Henderson and North West Editions of Coffee News

I will take a personal interest in helping you grow your business by the ongoing promotion in Coffee News

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Contact Details

Phone: 027 478 0192


Edition Distributors

Palmer Café (Gt North Rd)
Stayham Indian (New Kelston)
Star Noodle & Sushi
Stanleys Roast
Great North Express
Fish Takeaway
Lajawad Indian
The Korner Bar (Kelston Mall)
Hollywood Takeaway
King Kebabs
Sharing Shed
McDonalds (Café lounge)
McDonalds (Main cash counter)
Avondale Family Health (Gt North Rd)30
Flourishing Café
Green Jade Takeaway
Golden Sun
RSA Avondale
Shens Takeaways
Wing Wah Chinese Restaurant
Brickland (Clark St)
Burger King
Mozaik Café
Taylor Electric
AA Car Service (Gt North Rd)
Noodle Canteen
Burger Fuel
Kip Mc Grath Edu Centre
La Prochetta
Power Bowl CHANGED TO Sushi Shop
Hells Pizza (Totara Ave)
Four Seasons
Muffin Break (New Lynn Mall)
SBA Accounting
Expresso Cafe
Shamin Indian
Robert Harris
Ali Baba
Bamboo Garden (Titirangi Rd)
Bakery 'n' Coffee
F/Garden Café (Margan Av)
Asian Cuisine Takeaway
Bolton Street Café (Bolton St)
Bishop Road Lucky Horse Fish
Golden Bridge (Golf Rd)
Hell Pizza (Titirangi)
Fried Chicken
The Fringe Café
Chinese/Euro Takeaway
Turkish Kebab Takeaway
Takehe Restaurant & Bar
Golden Fork (Atkinson Rd)
Kaurilands Takeaway (Gledale Rd)
Noodle Canteen (Glen Eden)
Roast Café
Ghazal Indian Cuisine
Yummi Sushi
West Coast Roast
Le Zeba
Fish Shop Takeaway
Eden Sushi
Lajawad Indian
Mobil New Lynn
Radiant Café
Eden Sushi
Sahara Indian
Salvation Kitchen
Atlantis Coffee shop