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Owner & Publisher: Deane McIntyre

Welcome to Coffee News Western Bay of Plenty edition information page. If you would like to find out more about our value for money and targeted advertising for small local businesses , please call or email me.  Coffee News is the Worlds most successful & awarded  publication , any format for small business advertising. 18 years in New Zealand and soon to be launched in the Western Bay of Plenty.

Readers for locations to pick up Coffee News in the Bay - please see the below map or to view the entire distribution reach of Coffee News Click Here for the Tauranga Mt / Papamoa edition page. 

Contact Details - Mb: 0221 083 007 or email me:deane@coffeenews.co.nz

Office Location & Design Team
222A Waihi Road, Judea
Tauranga 3110

Why Advertise in Coffee News ?

1) It is exclusive ~ one advertiser by  Business Category ~ you effectively lock out your competition. 

2) Weekly print advertising is proven to best ~  In NZ over 80% of businesses advertise in Coffee News for at least a year. In fact, we still have many advertisers from the very first NZ edition back in 2001 ( gnerating new business for over18 years !!!).  Worldwide 11million copies are printed weekly in over 20 countries - a testament to the unique small business advertising model that works hard, 7 days a week, every week of the year.  Weekly ad repetition is the 'secret sauce' of advertising and generating enquiries and sales. 

3) Coffee News is outstanding value for money  ~  Engaged readers are typically from higher income brackets, and home and business owners. Reach covers over 150 locations in every surburb in the Tauranga District, numerous golf and sports clubs and major marine hubs covering recreational boaters and fisherpeople.  This vast local reach is shown in the map below.  Avid readers love the CN format,  finding the "Coffee Guy" in advertiser ads,  and appreciate advertisers support enables CN to be freely available each week.

4) Is complimentary to digital ~ offline brand awareness prompts readers to look at local businesses online. Post Covid we starting a new and ongoing campaign for advertisers Local Like You .co.nz . We leverage CoffeeNews.co.nz very high traffic consumer site with 1000s of weekly competition entries and accordingly Google search will recognise our digital backlinks to your advertiser business online assets and favourably rank your business above your competitors.  This search engine optimisation (SEO) technique boosts the chances that CN readers and general searchers , meaning they will find your business online first ! So you get they best of both worlds and a great return on your marketing investment across both print and digital !!!

There are a limited of exclusive business categories availableSo don't delay. Or you may miss out and be locked put by a competitor.  Lets talk (or email me) and find out if your business catergory is available.

Advertising packages are designed for every SMB type and weekly ad repetition is proven to work.  I call them the "good +  better + best options".

  • GOOD $40 per week + gst 
  • BETTER $45 per week - includes Digital Full Colour Display Ad and SEO-  + gst 
  • BEST $50 per week - Better Digital Package + Managed Lead Campaigns with Monthly Sales Team Meetings AND choose an Add On from one of the below options.Best Package Add On Options;
  •  Option 1-  Targetted Letter Box Drop  Propsecting opportunity to homes or business with a special edition of Coffee News with your services proudly displayed. Attach your business brochure or business card sfor maximum impact and can be distributed to most addresses as classified as a newspaper. OR
  • Option 2-  Networking & Community Good Package Add On  Make as many star guest appearances as you like , joining the winning Coffee News Readers Charity Quizz Team . Invite your key customers and have fun networking evenings. OR
  • Option 3- ' Caught Where The Fish Are' Marketing Package Ad On In Cafe Magazine "Kindly Provided Free For Customers To Enjoy"  to Target Cafes where your potential customers are and own the front magazine cover with your BRAND. For example a Landscaper would provide a complimentary copy of   House & Garden + Tradeies - Property Investor Magazine etc. This is a guerilla marketing technique for a VERY LOW cost you 'own' the initial and most important part of the magazine experience. 
Coffee News is loved by the  Baby Boomer Generation , which have the highest net worth of all demographics & is also well read  by rural landowners & home / boat owners.  The proven distribution model is via  hosptiality businesses & local sporting clubs i.e. golf / fishing. We are also happy to consider unique distribution locations at the request of advertisers who may wish to target specific buyers groups or demographics e.g. Kiwifruit Industry = Packhouse Cafes.
The broad advertising Business Groups and their individually Reservable Categories proven over many years in around NZ to generate local business enquiries are below and Reservable Now (unless struck out - these are reseved already ...sorry);
Home  & Trade Services = Handyman + Electrician + Housesitting + Home Cleaning + Commercial Cleaning +  Plumber (incl Gas Certified)  + Roofing (new & maintanance) + Painter + Plasterer + Architect + Draftman + Tiny Homes Buy or Lease + Shed Builders + Self Build Kitset +  Builder - Rennovation & Recladding + Builder New Home Boutique + Builder New Home Off Plan + Home Testing Services 
Medical & Aged Care = + Physio + Chiropractor + Optometrist + FuneralMobility Equipment  + Hearing + Dental + Vets
Professional = Insurance - Fire & General + Farm / And Or Horticulture Accountant +  Lawyer + Property Conveyancing (affordable and or fixed price)   Sell To Cafe / Hospitality Business Owners + Rural & Country Lifestyle Real Estate+ Property Management 
LifeGym + Personal Trainer + Weight Loss+ + Plants / Gardening + Travel Agent + Hairdresser + Massage + Florist  + Beauty Therapist
MotorMotor Cycle Rentals  + Mechanics + Rural Machinery + Tyres Shop + Windscreen Repair / Replace 
Farm / Orchard / Home + Plumber + Electrician + Rennovations + Plasterer + Painter + Housewashing + Roofing + Tree Services + Fencing + Livestock + Labour Hire + Turf + Pet Insurance + Animal Insurance 
'First in best dressed' - lock out your competition however beware that you competition equally move quickly to lock you out for years. Act now.  Don't delay, give me a call  TODAY (or email me) and find out if your business catergory is available.




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