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Did you know that on average, we each see over 3,000 different commercial messages daily? Advertising is everywhere. And businesses must be more savvy than ever with how they present themselves and spend their advertising dollars.

Most small and medium-sized businesses are very poorly served by print, radio and TV advertising because of the simple fact that in order to reach the people who are potential customers, they have to buy at least four or more times the circulation they need. Even direct mail, which does allow them to choose their own circulation, can be very expensive.

Enter Coffee News!

Your neighbourhood business NEEDS neighbourhood coverage, and there's very little, if any, advertising media that allows you to target your advertising dollars so precisely, so effectively at so much less cost. Coffee News manages to reach the highest and most potent concentration of potential customers of ANY media -- for a fraction of the cost!

How it works

Coffee News specialises in the ongoing promotion of your business. Repetitive exposure in Coffee News - 3 meals a day, 7 days a week - will help build awareness of your company so you become known as the first choice in your market.
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Why Advertise with Your Local Coffee News?

The reason why Coffee News is so successful is because it is good for everybody and everything it touches. Even other media services gain by getting better results for their advertisers when they also advertise in Coffee News.
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The Benefits for Advertisers ...

Exclusivity. While you continue to advertise in your local edition of Coffee News, you'll be the only advertiser in your business category? forever. This effectively locks out your competition.
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As a guideline, a business card size ad in any NZ edition of Coffee News will cost from as little as $35 up to $45 a week plus GST depending on the location. How it works is we place your ad each week (we print 52 weeks a year) and then subject to a four month minimum, you simply give us a month's notice when you want to stop. Accounts are sent out monthly which makes it affordable for most small to medium businesses to promote themselves on an ongoing basis. We don't charge for ad design either, and guarantee not to allow your competitors to advertise in the same edition as long as you have the exlusive space booked.
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