Be a Coffee News Distributor

Coffee News is a freely distributed publication. Look for us wherever the public is being served and spends any waiting time, particularly Cafes, Restaurants, Takeaways and Coffee Shops.

Our distribution partners throughout your local community have generously made space available for Coffee News each week so thousands of people in your community can enjoy reading it.

If you have a favourite eatery that would be a good place to have Coffee News available, please let us know and we'll contact them about having a Coffee News stand in their premises. Or if you prefer, you can tell them that you would love to be able to get your weekly dose of Coffee News in their cafe and direct them to our website for further information.

Benefits for Cafes and Patrons

Totally FREE service for selected Cafes, Restaurants and similar outlets where people are sitting around.

Designed specifically for food outlets - held in one hand, short and sweet (7-10 minutes) - doesn't cause people to occupy tables for as long as a newspaper or magazine.

Patrons have something pleasurable to do while waiting for their order or if dining alone.

A fresh edition is delivered every week,; Patrons begin to look forward to each new edition - repeat customers.

Coffee News will not contain advertising from any competing outlets. No contract required - we will withdraw Coffee News immediately if ever requested to do so.


Have Coffee News available for your customers now ...

If you would like more information about having Coffee News delivered to your food premises or waiting area each week, just send us an email to with your name, address and phone number, and we will get back to you.