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There are still some great Coffee News areas for sale including:

Rotorua, Hamilton, Gisborne, Wanganui, Wellington, Dunedin & Queenstown…. And yes we do have some in Auckland and Christchurch available now!

Why Buy A Coffee News Franchise?

It's easy to get into

You don't need years of experience and megabucks in order to become a Coffee News franchisee. In fact, we make the licenses so affordable that practically anyone who wants to become a franchisee can - if your area hasn't already been taken, that is. For as little as $15,000+GST, you can purchase your own license and be up and running in weeks.

Prices include:
- No weekly franchise fees for the first 3 months
- No ad-design fees for the first 3 months
- 80 display stands
- Benefit to you local BNI network (subject to availability)
- Up to 2 days of “on the ground-“ help from the franchisor when all fees are paid upfront*
*Not available upon payment plans

You will also receive the 10 weekonline New Business101* course! This course can be used for Coffee News in conjunction with your already existing business to boost your business to skyrocketing heights. It comprises of the course, as well as ongoing benefits to access discounts on petrol, stationary, mobile plans and other services you are already using for your business!
*You could be eligible to receive a grant through the Business Growth Fund – please refer to this grand at your application

There could potentially be some territories left in Auckland but there are many other good areas just waiting for the right person - e.g. Rotorua and Taupo, Wanganui, Wellington, Queenstown, Invercargill, Dunedin & Christchurch so enquire today for more details. Even if you live in Auckland, or other areas which already have Coffee News, from time to time some businesses come back on the market as a going concern so you can register your interest in any future opportunities as well.

You can work from home

A Coffee News business is ideal for anyone who wants to promote their own small business, such as Real Estate agents, business brokers, mortgage brokers or other small business owners wanting to put themselves in the middle of their local community!

Work the hours that suit you and reap the rewards of a sound business, building lots of relationships while promoting your own business, as well as Coffee News.

Enjoy the recognition and personal satisfaction of providing a great weekly publication to your community. Promote upcoming events you feel are important in the "What's Happening" section. Event coordinators will be calling you requesting permission to publicise their events.

It's unique

With six months of research injecting 17 different psychological and super-learning effects into the unique design of Coffee News, it's not surprising that no other restaurant publication has ever been able to come close to delivering the same incredible benefits for advertisers and readers. Even cut-throat copy-cats offering 50% lower advertising rates can't make it financially once advertisers compare results and stick with Coffee News instead.

Also, trademarking and copyright laws offer franchisees a high level of protection wherever they publish around the World.

It's simple

Even if you've never sold advertising in your life, we provide you with the training and information that makes you an expert. Using our 90-page Systems Manual, you'll quickly understand the logic behind how advertisements work, how to prospect systematically and how to design an advertisement for any advertiser.

You'll also learn every aspect of operating your own successful Coffee News franchise and phone and email help and support is available to you on a daily basis. There's also our monthly newsletter that keeps you up to date with what's happening in Coffee News in New Zealand the around the World. There are training workshops/conferences to attend as well as other franchisees around New Zealand you can network with. An international discussion forum also exists where franchisees world-wide can share advice and experience with others.

Coffee News is specifically designed to help small businesses; not only with advertising rates that are easily affordable, but with weekly, highly effective exposure to exactly the potential customers they need to reach - those right in their own local area and with money to spend.

It's profitable

Obviously the more ads you have sold the more profit you will make. There are only 32 ad spaces to sell (usually for a minimum 4 month booking), and because we only allow one advertiser from each business category, many advertisers stay in for years because they do not want to give up the spot to their competitors. You can set your own ad price - currently ranging from $35-$45 per week plus GST. Your only fixed expenses are weekly printing and royalty fees which are usually covered by the first 8 ads.

It's fun

Coffee News is a fun publication and a fun business to be part of. All you need is the right attitude.

To enquire about purchasing a Coffee News franchise

Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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